The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica – Know Before it's Too Late!

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Notre-dame Cathedral Basilica is a very historic building which is a Roman Catholic minor basilica situated in Ottawa, Canada. This place holds great significance in the lives of the people of Canada and Christian believers. This Cathedral was designed and built in 1990 making it the largest and the oldest church in Canada. It was basically restored and renovated in 1990 and still, today services are being held in this church in both English and French.

The basilica is home to a treasure of gems and relics that were mostly forgotten. The shining dome of the cathedral is also quite impressive that reflects the candy colors composed of gold-gilt details. There are multiple altarpieces aligned on both sides of the dome that gives a beautiful viewing experience for the viewers who want to enjoy the biblical intricate cravings and glass pieces.

Does the Church have Enough Capacity for a Large Crowd?

The Notre Dame Cathedral is a perfect example of French Gothic Architecture that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary notice was displayed that the church has suspended the entrance of the visitors until further notice, so you should first find out whether people are allowed during mass and then visit this place.

The church has a vast capacity to accommodate a large crowd because the Cathedral is famous because of its large halls and courtyard, therefore, it has enough capacity to accommodate the worshippers at the time of prayers, at different events like Christmas, Easter, or on any other occasion.

During COVID, there must be various restrictions that should be followed by the worshippers like social distancing and wearing masks. Still, the Church would have enough space to arrange a place for a large number of worshippers.

Inside the Notre-dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa

Is it Easy to Get There?

Yes, it is easy to get there because cab, train, and bus options are available for tourists and visitors. Plus, a bus or a cab could take almost one hour or so while the train takes less time. The train departs every 10 minutes, giving you the best touring experience.

The church is at the top of the hill so the view from there is quite amazing and refreshing. Visitors’ reviews say that one should not go by walk to this place because it can be quite tiring and not good at all. So to conserve your energy it’s better to take bus no 60 which leaves from a good spot and also charges less.

The city buses that will take you there are also very cheap and offers a comfortable ride up the hill. While during the train ride you might experience English commentary that will guide you about Notre-Dame Cathedral in a much better way.

Can You take Edibles inside the Cathedral?

It is not recommended to take edibles inside the main Cathedral, but there are various edible stalls arranged by the church for the convenience of the visitors.

However, if you have toddlers or infants along, then you can arrange some edibles for their sake in a bag to cater to them properly.

Do you Have to Pay for Notre-Dame Basilica?

The Cathedral is open to visitors from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm, while on Saturday the timings are 8 am to 4 pm, and on Sunday the timings are from 12:30 to 4 pm. Entry to the Cathedral is different for adults and children. The cost may vary from $3 to $4.50. However, kids under 7 years can enter for free. You will also get a free guided tour that will guide you about the Basilica and its importance. On the other hand, you may also explore this place on your own.

Front view of Notre-dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa

Are kids allowed in the Church?

Yes, kids are allowed in the church to attend a ceremony, an event, or any other marriage ceremony or occasion. You have to pay for the kids above 7 years while below this age, most of the kids can explore the cathedral for free.

Does it have a Wide car-Parking for the Worshippers?

Yes, Notre-Dame cathedral has a wide car parking for the worshippers on the top of the hill. But, there are bus and train stations that take the visitors to explore the cathedral in a better way.

Most of the visitors do not bring along their personal cars because here people prefer using public transport like buses, cabs, and trains. Likewise, it feels more accessible for them to use public transport. As it is owned by the state it is state property, therefore, visitors find easy ways to explore and reach there.

Do People Pray at Notre-Dame Cathedral?

Yes, people do pray at Notre-Dame cathedral for generations. It has been a place for attending and celebrating events along with carrying out prayers as well as pilgrimage. However, it is open every day for Mass, which is attended by a large number of people. This place has enough capacity to gather all the prayers in one place and allow them to pray.

Aisle view of Notre-dame Cathedral Basilica In ottawa

There are various cathedrals found all around the Notre-Dame in today’s time. All these buildings and cathedrals were made in the most popular style of the neo-classical time period plus, they are made up of neo-classical design.

People also celebrate their weddings in the Notre-Dame cathedral. The cost of arranging marriages in the cathedral might vary from $750 to $1,100.


Notre-Dame Cathedral is a kind of a national historic site located In Canada that is built up of ashlar limestone. The cathedral is located across from the National Gallery of Ottawa, Canada. It is also considered one of the earliest neighborhoods of Ottawa. The heritage value of this place is quite significant because of its interior decoration, the material used, Canadian architecture, craftsmanship, and classic integration of construction.

Moreover, this place is also notable for its artwork, embellishment, decoration, and perfect interior finishing.

Front outside view of Notre-dame Cathedral Basilica In ottawa

The Notre-Dame cathedral is the most famous and must-visit attraction that the Canadian-style architecture and its capital offer. If you want to visit a popular tourist attraction while Mentor Homes fixes your eaves, go here!

Notre-dame cathedral basilica aerial view

Driving Directions by Car

Driving Directions by Public Transit

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