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The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Calypso Theme Waterpark: ALL You Need to Know!

Want to get lost in the fun-filled water adventure, where you can swim, party, get soaked, and enjoy the blisters of the sun with the splash of waves? Yes, I am talking about the theme waterpark located in Limoges, Ontario, Canada.

This part consists of various attractions and adventurous sights that will totally amaze you. These state-of-the-arts are built for extreme thrill-seekers. This park is a world of its own that holds great significance amongst all the other competitors in terms of sheer size, pools, water adventures, swings, and different rides.
Calypso theme part is a must-visit for all those adventurous thrillers who are always looking for something exciting. However, the best time to visit this park is surely summers and spring, where everyone can enjoy the lavishness of the site. But remember, that temporarily the calypso waterpark is closed for the visitors and common public.

So, are you ready to visit this place and make the best of your memories with your family, kids, and family?

Is Calypso Theme Waterpark Open to the Public?


Calypso theme waterpark welcomed its first visitors and tourists in 2010, while it received and welcomed its millionth visitors in the year 2015 and onwards. This park is open to the public since then. However, every year they are receiving more visitors as compared to the last year.

The best time to visit this theme waterpark is in late June, early July, and September. During these months you will find this place quite crowded. Everyone from all over Canada has arrived to kill the heat with the waves and pools.

Due to the COVID outbreak, this place has received slightly fewer visitors while it has also been closed since the outburst of COVID’19, therefore, in the 2020 season, the park was closed for an entire year.  As now due to new public health rules and regulations, there might become changes witnessed in the restrictions, plus lifting up of restrictions from various public attractions can be in process anytime soon. It might start functioning with the precautions in the year 2022.


group of people eating ice cream while swimming at calypso theme waterpark

Which One is the Most Popular Attraction in the park?

The most popular and likable attraction in the park is considered to be ‘Funtana’. This attraction was included in the park in 2015, since then it has been the new attraction visited by millions.

The park consists of vast pools and water adventures with some amazing and thrilling rides suitable for almost all year ages. This park theme and its attractions are designed for kids, toddlers, adults, and old age as well

The rides are specifically made for toddlers to extreme adult seekers. There are almost 35 heated, fully-loaded water slides, 100’s of water games, the largest wave pool in Canada, 2 theme-based rivers, and the tallest waterside tower.

Are Pets Allowed in the Theme Park?

Yes, visitors can bring their pets, including cats and dogs along for a day as it is highly prohibited to leave the pets in the parking lot or cars. You can take them with you which can be kept in K9 kingdom located in the Calysp theme waterpark so that it doesn’t bother the other visitors.

However, if you want to hire a daycare for your pet its cost might vary from $22 or more. They will take care of your pets and you will be confident about leaving your pets in trustable hands.

Is there a Proper Availability of Car Parking?

Yes, a proper car parking area has been designed by the authorities of the theme park to facilitate the visitors by all means. Rates of parking of cars might differ from car type. However, rates are divided into two forms, daily charges, and seasonal changes.

You can also get a discount on your parking with the help of the vouchers if you avail yourself of them.


woman and child in calypso theme waterpark

Can Bicycles be Brought with the kids?

There is no need of bringing rides along with the kids because there is almost a lot of the crowd that might cause difficulty in riding the bike. So, it is better not to bring bikes.

Are Clothes Dryers Available?

Yes, clothes dryers are available to be used by the visitors. However, visitors are requested to wear appropriate proper swimsuits or swimwear when using Calypso theme waterpark attractions. Transparent or thongs clothing is not permitted, therefore, visitors should wear proper swimming attire.

It is the responsibility of the park authority to take good care of the people while providing and ensuring all types of safety rules, laws, and regulations. Visitors should keep in mind that it is a family-oriented park, which should be never overlooked. Clothes dryers are available in the locker pavilion for the convenience of the visitors.


water sliding in Calypso theme Waterpark

What Type of Fun Activities are Included in the Calypso Theme Waterpark?

The park consists of different fun activities and attractions that would be loved by the visitors. There are different rides located in this place such as:

  •   Accelerators

  •   Adrenaline

  •   Aqualoops

  •   Black Hole

  •   Boomerango

  •   Canyon Rafting

  •   Family Twisters

  •   Fast Track

  •   Funtana

  •   Jungle Challenge

  •   Jungle Run

  •   Kongo Beach

  •   Kongo Expedition

  •   Pirate’s Aquaplay

  •   Summit Tower

  •   Turbo Lab

  •   Vertigo

  •   Zoo Lagoon

  •   Zoomerang

  •   Beach Volleyball

kid swimming in calypso theme waterpark

Does this Park have Special Visiting Timings?

The Calypso theme waterpark depends on the season and when it will be open to the public. So, you have to check online the availability of the rides, plus online you can book the tickets for the rides and the park also.


Enjoying a summer breeze under the open sky and showering yourself with the splash of cold wings and water waves is a demand of every individual. So why not turn the waterpark-based adventure into reality and play in the water all day.

You can also visit the Ulysses Bar & Grill for some amazing Greek-inspired food that will lighten up your mood. Calypso theme waterpark’s staff is all set to serve you.

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