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Mentor Bullaku | Home Contractor

Learning from my father, a proud and skilled, but modest and quite tradesman, I set out on a path in the trades early in my youth. Today I embrace the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurial endeavors with Mentor Homes. 

I’m committed to growing my business. To me that means getting it right every time. I know very well what a serious investment your home is, and I’m dedicated to yours.

Tried, Trusted and True
Getting it Right

You can imagine all of the planning that must go into a project. Regulations in Ontario are very thorough and detailed. For both the home owner and the contractor this is good news. It ensures that standards are met and homes are built to be safe and last long.

We take the time that’s needed to get permits, source great materials and, of course, reliable hands to bring it all together. 

From new builds to renovations we have the expertise it takes to put a quality quote together for you.

Building & Renovations in Ottawa

As many home-owners know, Ottawa has it’s own bylaws that compliment the Ontario Building Code. It’s important to have a contractor who is experienced and well versed in the various intricacies that can be involved in navigating these various processes. 

Our quotes cover every detail from start to finish.