The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Jacques-Cartier Park – Know Before you Know!

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Jacques-Cartier Park is one of the most famous and attractive sights located in the North of Quebec. It is famous because of its sightseeing spots, trails, rivers and lakes, and forests. Plus, it's a very famous national park that is a must-visit for everyone who is planning to visit Quebec anytime soon.

Here you will enjoy all the snow-capped peaks and green forests if you visit in winters while in summers it totally shows an opposite picture to the visitors. You should always check the temperature and weather forecast before you visit this place. As it might be very cold sometimes, therefore, you should be all well-prepared.

What Can You do in Jacques-Cartier Park?

There is a long river flowing within the Jacques-Cartier National Park that is sometimes calm and sometimes agitated. Visitors can also enjoy the sightseeing of these natural landscapes if they are nature lovers and likes to explore nature.

This place contains two large forests such as the forest of conifers and the forest of deciduous forests that can be seen from very far. If you are a hiker and a mountaineer, you would love to hike through these forests and mountains once in your lifetime. Hikers will be thrilled while hiking through these trails they can also experience the amazing sunrise and sunsets right from the top of the mountain pinnacle.

You can also enjoy the stay at the newly designed Sautauriski refuge camp. This is actually the best place for the hikers to take shelter and have a break from a long hike, which will help them to resume their hike and other activities the very next day. In the summers, this shelter is being offered as a rustic camp for all visitors. But remember that due to COVID restrictions a large number of visitors cannot be accommodated in this shelter, therefore, you have to make a pre-booking prior to your trip to avoid any confusion.


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There are other types of accommodation which are also available at the park such as:

  •   Winter camping
  •   Echo cottage
  •   Chalet
  •   Chalet EXP
  •   Yurt
  •   Ready-to-camp
  •   Canoe-camping
  •   Campsite for cyclists
  •   Rustic camp

All of these shelters and camping sites are open in their specific months and have specific timings for the visitors to visit and stay. Plus, they all have specific charges that vary from season to season. You have to first reserve the shelter of your choice plus, you will also be getting a shuttle service 

These chalets or other camps can also be booked online for your convenience plus, you can also pay online.

The National Park is also a perfect place for all the cyclists who want to enjoy nature along with their passion. It has specially designed cyclists campgrounds to facilitate all types of cyclists whether they are beginners or experts. The advantage of this place for cyclists is that they do not have to book the ground or any space in advance nor do they have to pay any fees. The ground for cyclists is open between June and October.


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Jacques- Cartier National Park is a perfect place for all the sky explorers who love and admire the stars, which offers all types of necessary services. It is indeed the best opportunity for the stargazers to locate each and every star right from their campsites. With their campsite, they will also find services and a discovery center organized by the National Park Authorities.

In the National Park, visitors can also do fishing and enjoy the boat ride on the river. So all the fishing enthusiasts must get excited because Jacques-Cartier has something special for you as well. The package that you will avail of will also give access as well as a right to fish. The best part if you can also book your fishing trip along with accommodation, especially in summer to enjoy the blues of the summer sky.

How far is it from Quebec to the main City?

The Jacques-Cartier National Park is almost 80 minutes drive from Quebec, Canada. You will be highly amazed by the landscape, mountains, and greenery of the National Park. Trust me, you will fall in love with this place at first sight.

This place consists of a vast Plateau, with deep drenched valleys, while it is considered a hub of beautiful and stunning glacial valleys situated in Quebec.


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How Much Does the National Park Cost?

The cost of accommodation, parking, and other activities depends on the season and timings. There are specific prices for shelter, equipment, and parking. The prices might vary from season to season and from daily access to seasonal or annual passes.

Children above 17 years and adults have to pay the charges while kids under 17 years can enter for free. Likewise, equipment that you require while camping, hiking, or fishing also has its own specific charges depending on the timing such as, are the tools required for the day or a half-day.

What Will You Discover Here in the National Park?

You would be able to discover different landscapes including mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, wildlife, natural habitats, and valleys. Plus, you can also explore steep slopes along with Laurentians Massif. This is the place where nature inspires respect and peace. In the winters, the white dressed-up mountains will truly amaze and strangle you with their beauty.


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What Should You Take Along?

If you are traveling and visiting the National park in the summers, you must take along some very important stuff like:

  •   Hats
  •   Torch
  •   Extra clothes
  •   Water bottles
  •   Umbrella
  •   Sunscreen
  •   Mosquito repellant and much more

If you are visiting the park in winter you must take along some essential stuff like:

  •   Warm clothes
  •   Good quality shoes and much more


Jacques-Cartier National Park is famous because of its rich, natural, and diverse environment. You can also become a part of the discovery activities and know more about the cultural and natural heritage of this place. All the parks in Quebec are designed according to the education plan that further helps in the protection of the park.


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