Don't let a heavy storm get in the way of having a perfect home!

  • Speedy eavestrough repairs in Ottawa, ON to keep your roof free of rain.
  • We make sure the rainwater drains away from your home, rather than toward the basement.
  • Did the strong wind knock your eavestrough down again? We can help.
  • Eavestrough repair services in Ottawa, ON at affordable prices.



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What Are Eavestroughs?

Eavestroughs keep your home's foundation safe from water damage.

  • Free estimates on every repair service by Mentor Homes to guarantee an excellent job every time.
  • Rain water should be draining away from your home. Repair or replace your gutters today to ensure the safety of your property.
  • Overflowing rainwater can affect your roof, basement, and the surrounding areas near the foundation.
  • Protect the exterior and interior of your home with properly installed eavestroughs, soffit, and fascia.

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Invest In High- Quality Eavestrough Repairs

There's nothing worse than having broken eavestroughs at the same time as another heavy storm.

  • Be prepared for the next storm by investing in the maintenance and repair of your eavestroughing.
  • New eavestroughs are an option, but it's not always necessary. Call today to request a free quote for a repair instead.
  • Our employees are gutter and siding specialists and will deliver professional repair services to every customer in Ottawa, ON.
  • If your eavestroughs are broken beyond repair, one of our specialists will discuss replacement options with you instead.
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Reliable & Honest Eavestrough Installers

Ranked #1 for customer satisfaction in Eastern Ontario

  • Random sub contractors aren't accountable to their community. Hire a trusted company instead.
  • Mentor Homes will help you deal with your eavestrough problem every step of the way.
  • Hassle-free replacement by reliable installers. We complete every project with precision.
  • Our quality materials leave every project complete with a stylish makeover.
  • Free your gutters of debris clogged from cracks and crevices. Schedule an appointment today for repair of gutters, siding, soffit, & fascia.

Seamless Eavestroughs & Reliable Service

Reputation in Ottawa for leaving every project FREE of DEBRIS!

  • No one likes a messy house or yard. Mentor Homes will get the job done without leaving a trace behind.
  • Customers expect professional replacement of eavestroughs in Ottawa, ON and that is what our installers provide.
  • Get your eavestroughs repaired before the snow hits this season, so you don't end up on a ladder in the middle of a storm again.
  • Eavestroughing installed with the longevity of your property in mind.
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Eavestrough Installation FAQs

Seamless eavestroughs with a leaf guard are essential to preventing rot on your roof caused by overflowing water. Debris, dirt, leaves, or birds nests can cause water to build up and overflow. The overflowing water will drip down the brick of your home and seep into the foundation. Eventually, this causes flooding in the basement which will lead to severe water damage over time.


Our service areas are Downtown Ottawa, Glebe, Barrhaven, Almonte, Kanata, Stittsville, Hunt Club, Gloucester, and more!

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