Everything you need to know about Eavestrough, Soffit, & Fascia!

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Keep Your Home Safe, Sustainable, & Dry!

With rainy weather on the rise in Ottawa, Ontario, it’s always wise to make sure your home’s gutter system is durable and installed correctly. But, starting that process can get a little confusing, especially with words such as Eavestrough, Fascia, & Soffit. It’s not uncommon to ask yourself what is what? Well, as you continue to read this article, hopefully by the end, your questions will be answered. In this blog, we will highlight all the differences between Eavestrough, Soffit, & Fascia- so you’ll be prepared for the harsh rain weather and know exactly what you’ll need in order to keep your home safe, sustainable, and dry(more or less).

No More Ventilation Problems.

Without the gutter system (Eavestrough), your home is susceptible to all kinds of damage caused by water infiltration issues. And unless your house was built within the last 10 years, chances are you have Soffit & Fascia- which need to be properly maintained (installed) as well. Soffit & Fascia are necessary if your home is equipped with an attic, these prevent mold from infecting the walls surrounding said attic.

An Eavestrough or Gutter is meant to redirect water from the roof and foundation of your home. Eavestroughs are crucial if you want to avoid water infiltration, foundation, and roofing problems. Poorly redirected water can cause cracks in the foundation and mold issues, so make sure your Eavestrough is functioning correctly-ensuring that there is no clogging, broken gutters, etc. There are many types of gutter systems that fit any type of weather, figure out which type is best for your home, keeping in mind the location and environment. Continue below to learn more about the different types of gutter systems.

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Types of Eavestroughs (Gutter Systems)

Mesh Gutter Systems

mesh gutter

Mesh Screen Gutter Systems are great if you are on a budget, but not the most dependable. Mesh Screens usually collapse after winter, so they must be re-adjusted every spring. Installing this type of gutter system usually calls for mesh screening that comes in a roll, which fits almost any type of gutter already in place.

These types of eavestrough are great if your home is situated under a tree or an area that has a lot of leaves. Installation can be quite difficult, so if you’re looking to investing in a Mesh Screen for your Eavestrough- consult with a professional.

Foam Gutter Systems

foam gutter system

The point of Foam Gutter Systems is to keep debris at the top, while water can easily flow through. Problem is, debris and other organic material tend to stay on top, which can be unpleasant to the eye and your curb appeal- so regular cleaning is necessary. Certain models of Eavestrough are made out of foam, so make sure you are prepared for the upkeep.

Perforated Leaf Guard Gutter System

leaf guards

Perforated Leaf Guards are great for keeping large debris out of your eavestrough. It is best to choose this type of gutter system if your home area is prone to large debris- other types like pollen, asphalt, small rocks, etc, can clog up your gutter. These perforated holes tend to be large, so if you get a lot of small debris, perforated guards with smaller holes would be ideal.

Micro-Mesh Gutter Systems

Micro-Mesh Gutter Systems

Micro-Mesh Gutter Systems(eavestrough) are perfect for any type of weather, and/or debris. Regardless of size, the mesh underlay blocks any type of debris from falling to the bottom of your eavestrough. This type of system is ideal where asphalt shingle granules, conifer needles, and pollen regularly find their way into your eavestrough. There are two types of mesh: Plastic and Metal, metal being the strongest. So make sure you consult with your nearest Eavestrough professional, to ensure that you are on the right path- to the right Eavestrough

Continuous Hanger Systems

Continuous Hanger Systems

A fastening system that makes it possible to replace spikes and hangers & a leaf guard, the continuous hanger makes gutters sturdier. It’s probably the strongest and best system to withstand the hard Canadian winters.

What is Fascia, & what are its functions?

Fascia is a long piece of aluminum that is attached to the end of your roof trusses to give it a finished waterproof look. Fascia can be found at the edge of your roofing (the overlapping part) and is most often the same color as your home. Even though Fascia is completely optional, it does serve its purpose as well. This is where you would fasten your Eavestrough (gutter system), creating space between your roof and your eavestrough. The purpose of this is to ensure that your roof is LEAK-PROOF, moreover, rainfall, snow, dirt, and debris are halted from seeping through into your roof!

What is Soffit, & What is it used for?

Soffit is an aluminum or vinyl plate with small perforated holes, usually seen directly under the roof, under the eavestrough. It has several functions: it protects and allows ventilation throughout the attic. If you are trying to maintain your attic temperature, installing a soffit would be best. The soffit also helps prevent water damage during those thawing winters and or/rainy seasons. Most importantly, soffits ventilate your attic, preventing moisture, thus causing mold damage. There are many different types of soffits- Aluminium being the most durable, but it can become costly. If you’re on a budget, wood or vinyl soffit will work just fine.

Tips before starting your Eavestrough, Soffit, or Fascia.

-Don’t hide problems, inspect your roofing before you get started on your next eavestrough project. Make sure everything is patched up, fastened & secured; if you overlook any problems that you may have prior- they potentially can get worse.

-Ask a professional at Mentor Homes, not only do we do renovations, we are also here to answer any questions one may have. Just figuring out what is what can be confusing so give us a call, or email us at info@mentorhomes.ca. You can also go to your nearest home improvement store- they’ll be able to answer all your questions!

Search for the BEST Eavestrough Contractor in Ottawa.

So, before starting your next Eavestrough, Soffit, or Fascia project: make sure you have exactly what you need in order to get the job done. If you are a DIY-er and doing it yourself, make sure you have all the tools and equipment required for the project. Ask all the appropriate questions and do some research before spending a dime. If you are hiring a professional to do the project for you, make sure it’s the right professional. No one wants to get swindled, so make sure you ask your contractor every question necessary to prevent fraud. You can check out our previous blog, “10 questions to ask your next contractor”, to make sure you’re asking all the important questions. If you need more help determining the best Eavestrough, Fascia, and/or Soffit- please feel free to contact us at:



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